The person through whom the service is requested is the authorized person who plays the role of mediator in the transactions. That person is the real owner and First, no other person has the right to claim any data or information for the account except through an official authorization in the name of that person. The company is committed to preparing the account And operating the service within a maximum period of three days from the time of the request after paying the service.


We offer free technical support for services provided by hosting, domain and emails over the phone, Email | Tickets are inside the client portal, and does not include website management, content creation or e-marketing.


The renewal is due in the beginning of the month on the 4th. The renewal date is notified by an automatic reminder system the last week of the month. Payment should be made on the 4th but no later than the 7th before a late fee is issued. If the annual renewal date for the hosting has been exceeded, our automatic system will stop the service from working with the imposition of a delay fine of $45. With the passage of a month, the system automatically deletes the site from files and emails completely and permanently and is not entitled to claim it at all after deletion.

Hosting Terms

1. The customer has the right to have a Cpanel control panel and a Webmail opening panel with the latest version and compatible with WordPress or whatever is in their package created during the project.

2. The customer has the right to receive webmail/imap/pop emails, and the company is not responsible for its management, but a technical support package can be purchased.

3. The customer has the right to pay the difference in the price of the package difference only, in addition to the price of $50 when requested to upgrade to a larger hosting plan.

4. The customer has the right to refund the amounts paid that period within (7) days of receiving the site, provided there is a defect or omission from the technical support that cannot be resolved within three days.

5. The company has the right to terminate the service in case of violating the policies including but not limited to “hand-holding”, “bait-payments”, “ghosting” and disrespect of the company, members or services. Hand holding is like micromanaging. Bait payments are delayed payments or asking for an addon or adjustments for the same invoiced price. Ghosting is failing to communicate for 3 days on scheduled or otherwise important project days.

6. The company has the right to terminate the service in the event of the presence of spam or malicious or harmful software that harms the server AND client must pay for services provided for the restoration to solve it.

7. The company has the right to stop the service in case there is a problem that the customer was not able to solve and did not cooperate with the support, and a backup copy is delivered with a fee of $160.

8. The company has the right to put its logo and link in any website design as intellectual rights, and deleting any will result in a fee of $500 or both of them stops the ongoing technical support.

9. The company disclaims responsibility for the client’s loss/negligence in maintaining his account data or his exposure to theft and the resulting damages.

10. The company has the right to amend the prices of existing plans and items at any time according to a new feature and value added to the service. This does not apply to sites that were booked before the modification, but it is applied upon renewal and those modifications according to the change of the dollar in favor of the company.

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